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Reflections on Mexico Beach


     December is a wonderful time of year at the beach with beautiful weather and crisp, clean air all around.  During this time of year the Gulf sparkles with little,  diamond like stars dancing on the water caused by the reflections of the winter sun.  Seventy degrees in the daytime and 49 at night-perfect weather. 


Area Event Calendar


     A lot is going on, so lets get started with some special events.


December 4, 2010     The Junior Service League of Port. St. Joe will hold its 1st Annual Chili Cookoff at 5:00 pm with the Bo Springs Band providing great music.   Call 227 4183 for more information.


December 5, 2010     Mexico Beach Celebration of Lights starting at 5:00 pm with a golf cart parade, singing carols at Sunset Park, refreshments, and Santa for the kids.  The tree lighting is really special.

You can always get more information on Mexico Beach at or call Kimberly at 850 648 8196. 


December ll, 2010 Race for Autism, a 5K run certified by USAFT for only $15 to start at 9:00 am.  Check Mexico Beach CDC website for more information.


December 31, 2010  Celebrate New Year’s Eve Twice, once in Eastern Time Zone, and once in Central Time Zone.  Free transportation back and forth between Mexico Beach and Port St. Joe to hot night spots for a safe, wonderful time at the beach.


Hunting, Fishing, and Diving


Red snapper are out of season in December, but speckled trout are going strong out of Hurricane Cut around Crooked Isle on the west side of Mexico Beach.  Grouper are open until the end of December.  Red fish are being caught in large numbers, many in the 10-20 pound range.   Large schools have been sighted and fished around the shorelines off of Mexico Beach.  Captain Mitch Coleman, local charter boat captain, has been catching large bull reds around the Bell Shoal area on artificial reefs. Large numbers of sea gulls usually give this away.  Look for them feeding on the baitfish cut up by the red fish feeding.   You can also catch fish in the big hole dredged out at the end of the jetties, and on the new pier at Mexico Beach.   Whiting fish are all along the shoreline.


Bow season has been in for some time now and there are many deer around in this area.   I have looked at pictures on trail cameras of nice 8 and 9 pointers coming in to the food plots.  Really big bears have been tearing down the feeders on a regular basis according to many of my friends.   Trail cameras show big bears-some at 200-300 pounds plus.  Wild hogs are all over the place-really.   I have seen dozens in food plots, especially around the feeders if they are kicking out corn.  Hogs are very plentiful in this area.  Actually, there are so many,  they are coming into Mexico Beach and tearing up yards in the downtown area. 


The duck hunting has been really good down here in the Panhandle.   The early season days were good with many limits taken, and more days open November 20-28  and then again from December 11 to January 30, 2011.     There are lots of small leases around with old crawfish ponds and catfish ponds being used to attract and hold ducks.  Planting wheat, oats, corn, and peas around the water helps a lot.  Lake Wimico usually holds lots of ducks if you have a boat and can get around.  It is a long boat ride, but worth it for the true duck hunter. 


We are diving for the amazing shovel nosed lobster, or as some call them bulldozers, or slippers.  Water is 66 degrees, but live bottom is so truly beautiful to explore.   A warm wet suit is necessary.  


To summarize, this is one fantastic place to be in December if you love the outdoors and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.  This is really paradise.  Thank you Lord for the privilege of living here.  Amen. 

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